Short Form Video

Demo Reel
Vertical Content

Brand Spotlight
Client: Fibre

"NDA" - Soundcheck Series
Client: AVE

Behind the Song Series: "Kalagher"
Client: AVE

Long Form Video

"Study Abroad in Florence"
Client: James Madison University

"Welcome Class of 2026"
Client: James Madison University

"Hands-on Learning"
Client: James Madison University

Client: Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Produced for May Street

What I'm Inspired By...

My "Inspired" Playlist on YouTube

Here you'll find a collection of music videos, documentaries, interviews, promo shoots, etc. that have impacted me in some way. These videos have inspired me creatively, motivated me, emotionally affected me, or flat out blew my mind.

These are pieces of content I always come back to whenever I'm in a rut or just need a mood boost in the creative department of my brain.

photo of Brianne


Brianne is a video editor and digital content creator focused on producing impactful, evocative content through visual storytelling. With a bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Design from James Madison University, concentrated in Digital Video & Cinema, she has experience working with startups and marketing agencies, creating video content and digital marketing assets.

Brianne is a self-starter, with intentionality being at the heart of everything she creates. She assisted in the filming and editing of James Madison University's Branded Content for Recruitment Marketing. She's currently a contract video editor/post-production lead for client's promotional services.

Leaving others feeling provoked, introspective, seen, heard, and understood are Brianne's main objectives in any project she takes on. Always creating or working on some form of content, Brianne is constantly honing her craft and seeking collaboration, challenge, and meaningful experience wherever she goes.

Bringing artistic visions to life is what fuels her passion, sense of purpose, and excites her about life. She sees the importance in the small details. She doesn’t settle for anything less than the highest quality for both herself and her clients.


Brianne Dominique Petrone
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