Sit & Sip to On-the-Go

Coffee Shops


Shenandoah Joe

Perfect for chatting, studying and on-tho-go. With roasts of all kinds, Shenandoah Joe is sure to deliver on quality coffee.

coffee and muffin

Merge Coffee Company

With a couple locations to choose from around town, from a more intimate to an open-concept setting. Merge has options such as macadamia nut milk that makes it a must-try.

coffee and scone

Black Sheep Coffee

A great study or meeting spot with many seating options. The coffee and homemade goods are sure to warm you up.

coffee and breakfast sandwich


A great pit stop on the outskirts of JMU's campus. Greenberry's has it all from smoothies, teas, pastries, quick food-grabs and, of course, coffee.

Cafés and Diners


Heritage Bakery & Café

A quaint little spot in the heart of downtown, its old-fashioned design and beautifully crafted treats and eats make it the perfect cozy café. A home away from home.


Magpie Diner

A hotspot for weekend brunch, Magpie is a town favorite. Its modern design and high-quality presentation are sure to wow both your eyes and tastebuds.

breakfast eggs

The Little Grill Collective

The Little Grill has that classic diner feel. Using locally harvested ingredients and part-owned by everyone who works there, the food is sure to be made and served with care and a smile.

brunch spread

Clementine Cafe

Located on Main Street in downtown, Clemetine is another crowd favorite brunch spot. The urban and ecclectic decor make this a lively place to enjoy some delicious food, drinks and quality time.


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